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Welcome to abyssrating, a stamping community for the game, manga, and anime series Tales of the Abyss. Here is where you can get your score reading/character rating done by other fans.

Now, if you don't already know what this place is, than continue on reading. This place is a rating community much like one of those quizzes you might have taken online but better. Rating communities work by filling out and posting a application of your own and having people vote on it, and vice versa. After a reasonable number of votes on the application you post, you will be given a stamp of the character you were voted most like to put in your journal profile or where ever you please. So please don't answer the questions according to the person you want to get stamped as. Answer them according to your personality so you can be stamped correctly and have more fun here.
[01] You must be a member to post.
[02] Always LJ-cut your applications.
[03] Fill out the application the best you can and treat every question as if it had a "why?" attached to it.
[04] You may vote even if you haven't been stamped.
[*5] When voting please be sure to bold your vote and tell your reason as to why you voted them as such. Also, if you happen to vote a person as Luke, be sure to make sure you mention if you are voting them as the long-haired Luke or the short-haired Luke.
[06] You may vote someone as up to two different characters.
[07] You will be stamped after 6-8 votes or when a mod feels like it.
[08] Any type of rude or dirty behavior is not allowed. PERIOD.
[09] So we know you have read the rules please have "Cheagle" typed somewhere in your subject line.
[10] "GOD VOTING." It is not allowed. Period. But yes, you may request to NOT be voted as one character and only one, but for the love of whatever you love DON'T request more than one character for the voters to not vote you as. It's unfair and without warning it will get you banned from this community. If you want to pull this crap, go find a online quiz to do and get lost. No offense.
[11] Lastly, If you have any questions or problems at all please don't be afraid to message one of the mods. (If your question is about a restamp than contact a mod with the reason why you want a restamp to gain permission to do it and once you got that, please put the keyword the mod gave you in your subject line and write a little outside the cut stating which mod gave you permission to do so. Keywords will very from mod to mod, and/or change from time to time.)
Copy and paste the application into a new entry and fill it out completely.
You can be stamped as any of the following characters, or others not listed.
Anise Tatlin
Arietta the Wild
Asch the Bloody
Dist the Reaper
Fon Master Ion
Guy Cecil
Jade Curtiss
Largo the Black Lion
Legretta the Quick
Luke fon Fabre*
Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear
Peony the Ninth
Sync the Tempest
Tear Grants
Van Grants
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[July '09] Mirror Theme and the Love Theme

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[June '09] Mirror Theme

Future Themes:
Vesperia Personality - chappuholic

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